Bruce Hartill’s Apology Letter

I am grateful to Mr. Omur Sezerman and to OZ Dome for providing me with the opportunity in 2007 to become involved in their soccer operations. While working at OZ Merchandising Inc. operating as OZ Dome, I was treated fairly and honestly by Mr. Sezerman and the entire organization.
I was well aware in 2007 of Mr. Sezerman’s many and valuable contributions to the advancement of soccer generally, both locally and in Canada, and it was an honour to work with him in establishing adult soccer leagues playing out of the OZ Dome. I regret very much that our relationship deteriorated in 2011, and apologize for any role that I played in that deterioration.
Although I left the employment of the OZ organization in 2011 to work at another competing facility, I continued to hold, and still hold, Mr. Sezerman, the OZ Dome and its operations in the very highest regard. I never intended to harm the interests of Mr. Sezerman and the OZ Dome and its organization and I apologize if my actions did cause any such harm.
Notwithstanding that my relationship with Mr. Sezerman and OZ Dome became difficult following my departure from OZ Dome, I have always respected the work Mr. Sezerman has done and does for the soccer community. I continue to consider the OZ Dome an excellent facility. I consistently highly recommend and endorse OZ Dome and I believe that OZ Dome is a superior soccer facility in the Ottawa area.

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